Cold Pressing method

Cold pressing means the oils were submitted to a maximum temperature of 50°C, during their extraction. Modern technology is based on pressing and grinding the seed with the use of a steel press. There is no external source of heat except the one produced through the exercised pressure and the friction of a rotating screw. Heat degrades color, taste and some nutritional values.

Cold pressed oils have been mechanically grinded and pressed out of the vegetable material. The mechanical press protects the environment from toxic residues and extracts the unctuous fluid from the vegetable matter, yet preserving its qualities.

First the vegetable matter is cleansed. After that, it can be grinded, homogenized and pressed. The seeds are pressed without being peeled. After the extraction, the oil eventually undergoes decantation and filtration.

We safeguard each step of the process to be able to guarantee the high quality taste of real oil.