Bundle Offer Oloi Tomnit + Soy oil – 250 ml Elixir

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Oloi Tomnit by Adi Hădean is a Romanian product, 100% natural, made with care, to extract the best flavor of the seeds. It gives consistency and a particular savor to the ingredients from a salad, but it can also be a condiment, offering a distinct seasoning and a rich taste for steaks. Oloi Tomnit combines the benefits of canola oil with the intense flavor of sunflower oil, boosted by the aroma of soy oil.

Soy oil has a rich content of polyunsaturated fats. In addition, it has a low content of saturated fats, without cholesterol, making it one of the healthiest cooking oils. Being a vegetable oil, it is a good source for sterols from plants, especially β-sitosterol. Sterols inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines, so it can reduce the level of cholesterol from blood with 10% to 15%, lowering the risk for heart disease.