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Cook healthy with Elixir oils, rich in vitamins: A,B,D,E,K, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that are essential for physical well-being.

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We support human value; we invest in education and in the preservation of the environment.

In a historic old town, from the heart of Transylvania, where nature and man have contributed to preserve an authentic museum of the history of salt mining, Turda’s Salt Mine, there we are working our cultivated land. We have been working and raising the best cereal crops for over 18 years now. Three years ago we started working on a final product that should retain intact the prime nutritional value of the vegetable material. We decided to extract an elixir, the oil ingredient that makes family cooking become a wellness routine. In order to do so, we applied modern technology of pressing and grinding the seed, yet a process that reiterates pre-industrial oil-pressing method, being the most adequate for preserving the original taste and the specific nutritional profile from the source of origin.

We’ve always paid attention to the quality of our products and three years ago we considered it was time for a new challenge. This time, the challenge was to bring to the kitchen a quality product, which is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Together with well-prepared domain specialists, we selected traditional recipes and we made one of the best cold pressed oils, which we named Elixir.

Elixir cold pressed oils are prepared through a technological process that maintains throughout a temperature lower than 50°C. By this, we preserve the original nutrient content of the plant source, so as the resulting extract retains vitamins and the essential fatty acids Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, necessary for the well-functioning of our body. The oil extraction process protects the environment from toxic waste and extracts the unctuous fluid of the vegetable matter, preserving its natural quality. Modern technology remains faithful to the ancient principle of extracting oil by applying pressure until the oil starts dripping. Being unrefined, there are no chemicals added during extraction.

After harvest, the oily seed or grain undergoes a process of drying and cleaning. The seeds are deposited in silos and pressed only when needed, to preserve the freshness of the produce. Through the cold-pressing method, the seeds are pressed to squeeze out the oil from the plant in a temperature controlled setting. The pressing is based on the pharmaceutical method; accordingly, coated seeds are pressed. What follows is the process of separation through decantation. To ensure the quality and the flavor of oil, we have our specialized staff that monitors closely every step of the production process, from seed to bottle.

Beginning with 2015, Elixir cold-pressed oils were certified every year, for their notable taste by The International Taste & Quality Institute of Brussels. The quality was attested by URS, also. URS is one of the top 5 biggest certification systems in the world regarding food safety.

Our mission is to offer you quality food products by carefully safeguarding the production process of cold pressed oils, from seed through extraction and distribution.



Calitatea uleiurilor Elixir a fost atestată și certificată în fiecare an cu distincția Superior Taste Award începând cu anul 2015, de către The International Taste & Quality Institute. De asemenea, calitatea este certificată și de URS, una din top 5 cele mai mari organisme de certificare din lume în ceea ce privește siguranța alimentară. Beginning with 2015, the quality of Elixir oils was certified every year with the distinction of Superior Taste Award, by the International Taste and Quality Institute, Bruxelles. Also, quality was warranted by URS, one of the top 5 biggest certifying institutions in food safety around the world. 

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Uleiurile Elixir sunt realizate după rețete tradiționale de presare la rece transmise din generație în generație. Tradition: Elixir oils are made according to traditional cold pressing recipes  that were passed from one generation to another.